Discovering That Writing Is My Passion and Purpose

I’ve always enjoyed journaling and writing poetry. I even have a children’s book from long ago collecting dust in the back of my closet. But my writer’s journey really began when my mentor and dear friend was retiring as education director from the same religious school that she founded—before we had books or curriculum–when religious school…

Reach for Your Dreams

By Lynda Dell You learn the most from your failures, providing that you actually take the risks. Sometimes things don’t go according to your best laid plans. Forcing them to happen is not the best strategy. I know, I had this great idea, but when  implemented it  didn’t yield the results that I anticipated. I…

A Soldier’s Journey to Social Consciousness

By Lynda Dell Originally posted in January 2107 BOLD + magazine Corey Taylor’s journey to mindfulness began with his own investigation of his painful, irritating episodes of psoriasis and eczema th… Source: A Soldier’s Journey to Social Consciousness

When Dreams Become Reality

I thought that it was just an ordinary day, but I was so wrong. As I connect the dots, I realize  the trajectory that my life has taken began five years ago with a life-visioning class that awakene… Source: When Dreams Become Reality

Painting Your Story with Words

Hello Fellow Dreamers! I am embarking on a journey to discover my divine purpose. I believe that everyone is blessed with talents and gifts to share, and it is up to us to discover and fully explore them. I am at a crossroads in my career, and I am being pulled in a new direction—one…