Life Is Too Short to Put Your Dreams on Hold

By day, she laid the groundwork for killer ad campaigns, met tight deadlines, and put in long, sometimes arduous, seemingly endless evenings, but she was still filled with the burning desire to create.


When Dreams Become Reality

I thought that it was just an ordinary day, but I was so wrong. As I connect the dots, I realize  the trajectory that my life has taken began five years ago with a life-visioning class that awakened my passion to write. My day began like so many others. At 5:30 am, my alarm sang…

The Path to Financial Independence

By Lynda Dell A steep learning curve led mortgage branch manager and doting mother, Lorna Cruz, to financial freedom. Because she still remembers struggling to make ends meet as a single mom, with three youngsters, her mission is simple, yet life-changing: put families on firm financial footing. That’s what led her mortgage company to sponsor…