Lynda R Dell

Hello Fellow Dreamers!

I am embarking on a journey to discover my divine purpose. I believe that everyone is blessed with talents and gifts to share, and it is up to us to discover and fully explore them.

I’ve always been a storyteller who found humor in my own foibles, missteps, and major screw-ups. I really enjoy sharing these exploits around the dinner table or as an ice breaker to cover up how painfully shy and socially inept I feel at parties.

Sharing my stories and listening to others self-deprecating humor has led me   to develop deep abiding friendships and has nurtured some new ones. But after I wrote about my mentor’s professional journey, it has awakened a passion within me to share other people’s stories.

When the visionary Rita Siegel, who established Kol Ami Religious School, planned to retire nine years ago, I wanted her to know how much I had admired her and how she touched and transformed my life. She believed in me, when I was a new teacher, who hungered to read, absorb, and learn everything that I could, and gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and into the trenches of the classroom.

But not everyone knew about Rita’s   story,  so I tapped into my gifts as a writer, artist, and educator to spear-head a school-wide project,  so that parents, colleagues, and children would always remember how Rita’s vision grew from a tiny seed into a mature jeweled oak tree, the image that I created to represent how her idea took on shape and form.


The companion  book tells two stories Rita Siegel’s, founder and former education director of Kol Ami, and Golda Meir’s, who transformed modern day Israel from an uninhabitable desert into a blooming flourishing nation, simultaneously woven together to represent the tapestry  entitled “Two Visionaries.”

My initial interviews helped me weave her story together to create a collaborative mixed media silk tapestry.

We all have stories to tell, but sometimes those stories get lost, forgotten, or buried deep in our psyche too painful to tell. We need to remember that those life experiences– even the most painful ones–are what molded and shaped who we are today.

They actually strengthen families and help us remember who grandma really was before her memories began to fade. Unfortunately, the most heart-felt stories that I have heard lately   have been at or after funerals  when  loved ones are eulogized.

This makes me wonder, could we could capture those life stories on happy occasions—milestone birthdays, retirement parties—in a memorable way? That would begin with an interview that would be developed into some of their most memorable stories, to be treasured, savored, shared, and passed down from generation to generation.

Every dreamer and dream seeker also has a story. I have interviewed award-winning broadcast journalists, like LuAnn Cahn, who is a two-time cancer survivor, whose blog, “Year of Firsts” that chronicled those Firsts, has led thousands of followers to step out of their comfort zone to whatever extent they can with no regrets—even if they are battling cancer.

Once people discovered her blog “Year of Firsts,” which began as self-therapy, it had a huge ripple effect. Something remarkable   happened after a “Year of Firsts” went viral; fans began daring themselves to do Firsts and share their experiences.

That’s how powerful stories can be: they can engage, empower, and impact lives. Your heart-felt story can have that effect, too.

I am being pulled in a new direction. Currently, I feel compelled to explore my gifts as a writer, artist, and educator. In the following year, I am going to interview writers, artists, and  entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams, as well as life and career coaches who provide dreamers with the tools and action steps to realize their dreams.

Also, I would love to learn how you are sharing  and preserving family stories.

Let me tell your story, share your vulnerabilities, hardships, struggles, and life’s lessons, and, yes, of course, your achievements.  Then we can build a community of dreamers,  seekers, and doers. What’s stopping you? Are you stuck? Or have you figured things out?

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